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Welcome to Funding Your Tech Startup (FyTS), a home for entrepreneurs wanting to build great businesses. I’m Tallat Mahmood and I’ve been helping companies grow for over a decade. During this time I’ve met all types of entrepreneurs running all types of startups but I was always advising as part of a larger corporate. But now the shackles are off and I’m ditching the politically correct BS and giving you what you need to know to achieve success.

The purpose of FyTS is to help you build a great business by giving you confidence to start, fund and grow your startup. I will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need.

What You’ll Find Here

1. I write about starting a business, with the conviction that anyone can start a business by making use of technology that is available to us all

2. I write about funding, to help you scale your business in the right way for you without being restrained

3. I write about growth, because you have a hunger to be bigger and better and more relevant in your market

I’ve advised all sorts of companies to success and learnt a lot along the way. You can believe that I will always be working hard to give you the best advice. I know this information is important and so I strive to set an incredibly high standard for my work. Acknowledgement of this is that some of my most recent work has appeared in popular publications such as TechCrunchEntrepreneur Magazine, Bplans and AlleyWatch.

I am committed to making my advice available to everyone, regardless of location or background. For that reason, I have chosen to give away 90% of my work for free. Most notably, readers seem to enjoy my popular weekly newsletter.

For those who want more detailed and project based support, I offer low-priced, highly accessible advisory and review sessions. This may be particularly relevant if you are going through stages of starting your business and need “over the shoulder guidance”. Or if you are starting a fundraise and need help with your approach, or a review of your proposition. This could also be if you need help to develop and implement a growth strategy for your business. Contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


I have worked in the venture capital (VC), private equity and mergers and acquisitions area for over 10 years. I have worked internationally advising and investing in businesses of all stages. I have focused on funding for startups and am also a founding director / shareholder in a tech startup myself which has received a seven-figure investment from a corporate investor.

I am passionate about the tech space and passionate about building businesses from the bottom up. I have helped start and commercialise international businesses and operated at Board level. I know from the inside how a VC investor goes through the process of progressing an idea to the next stage when lots of teams and businesses are vying for his attention. I get what turns a VC investor on about a team and what turns them off. I know how prepared investors expect teams to be before they pitch. Besides this, I also have excellent relationships with investors so know what the current funding market looks like so you can time and prepare for your funding round efficiently.

Over the years I have built up a ton of real world experience that I am keen and willing to share with all of you. Although tech startup growth can sometimes appear to be based on luck and good fortune, there are many characteristics of successful startups and many approaches to growth that you can adopt to give your startup the best chance of success. My role is to ensure you start your business with confidence, you raise funding with the right knowledge, and you grow your company with conviction.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about my background.

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