What Would You Like To Know More About Building A Business Plan?

building a business planThroughout all my roles as a business consultant, mergers and acquisitions specialist, and an investor I have come across hundreds upon hundreds of business plans. One thing that I constantly get asked about is how to develop a quality business plan that is relevant. Clearly, the relevance of the business plan depends to a large extent on its purpose and audience. However, there are typically a number of recurring questions I often get asked.

Example questions around building a business plan include:

  • How do I know what’s required for a business plan?
  • How can I build a business plan quickly?
  • How can I keep it up to date and relevant?
  • How can I start implementing elements of my plan?
  • How can I adapt one business plan for a different purpose?
  • How can I overcome the technical and financial elements of a business plan if I have no business background?

These questions are important to address to help business owners overcome their concern and fear around business plans. However, as an entrepreneur your job is to focus on building the company, not fretting over crunching numbers and talking like an MBA.

But worry not. I am developing an online course to help you build a business plan that allows your business to succeed and I want to know what you would like to know more about building and using your business plan. Click on the button below to take the ONE question survey (or leave a comment below) so that I can build a course that reflects your needs. You will be added to the VIP list for the course.

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2 thoughts on “What Would You Like To Know More About Building A Business Plan?

  1. Annie Marks

    I love that one of the first points that you address in creating a business plan is the ultimate question of what make your company unique. I think that is a great question to find your upper hand on the competition. Strategy I would agree is the best way for you and your company to thrive. Thank you for sharing a helpful step by step process that will help in establishing a business plan. I’ll have to save this for later and bring it up with the rest on my marketing team!


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