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How to Raise Startup Funding For First-Time Founders


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Raising any type of funding for a startup is hard. But trying to raise funding when you are first-time founders and have no experience of working with investors can be very intimidating.

Getting to the point where you are ready to raise money is an achievement in itself and demonstrates that you have competently managed the very early stages of developing a startup, which are, in themselves, fraught with danger. However, many first-time founders flounder when it comes to securing funding for their startup.

Absolute Essentials to Ensure Funding Success

Before looking to raise startup capital there are a number of essential ingredients that will facilitate your ambitions. Continue reading

5 Prerequisites Before Raising Startup Money

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This article was also published in StartUp Beat on 15th June 2015.

During my time as an early-stage investor, I would get super-frustrated every time a team of enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs would come through the doors of our offices ill-prepared when raising startup money. The idea they have may be great, the team may rock but it was a blow to hear their lacklustre and uncertain responses to a basic stream of questions that they really should have anticipated and prepared for in advance of the meeting.

Putting in so much effort on the tech product or service, the team-build and the networking all gets compromised when poor planning is evident at a fundraising meeting. As such, I have outlined what I believe as being the 5 key areas entrepreneurs need to have a key grasp of before setting up meetings with VC’s. Continue reading

Introduction To Funding Your Tech Startup

funding your tech startup

Welcome to the Funding Your Tech Startup Blog. Here I will divulge with you all the hints and tips that will make your job of starting, growing and funding your tech startup much, much easier. I will provide insightful commentary on the startup and funding world so you can secure the backing you need on terms that work for you. Continue reading